New York International Spirits Competition 2012 Results


This Year’s Spirits Competition Once Again Sets Unparalleled Standards and Uncovers the World’s Best-Distilled Spirits

New York, NY (Nov 14, 2012) – In its 3rd year, the New York International Spirits Competition (“NYISC”) was held at 3 West Club on October 21th to taste, evaluate and judge close to 400 of the world’s best–distilled spirits – a 25% increase from last years submissions. Over 34 countries submitted their brands to be critiqued by a hand-selected panel of A-List and key TRADE ONLY judges – buyers, retail storeowners, restaurant/bar proprietors, distributors and importers – those that have the unique ability to make a direct impact on sales.

“This year’s significant increase in submissions is a clear sign that the industry truly recognizes and appreciates NYISC’s overall philosophy of judging for real sales impact,” says Adam Levy, Founder of the NYISC. ”While other renowned competitions prize up to 85% of entrants with awards, the discerning panel and ethos of the NYISC is to honor the brands that are most deserving among their peers. This year, NYISC prized only 40% of its entrants.

The Judges awarded only 3 Double Gold Medal, 9 Gold Medals, 66 Silver Medals and 67 Bronze Medals.


International Awards
Mozart Distillery Austria Distillery of the Year
Persian Empire Canada Distillery of the Year
Rum Dictador Columbia Distillery of the Year
Global Drinks Finland Finland Distillery of the Year
Nikka Distillery Japan Distillery of the Year
Distill South Africa Distillery of the Year
Kavalan Distillery Taiwan Distillery of the Year
Mey Icki Turkey Distillery of the Year
Wannborga Distillery Sweden Distillery of the Year

Domestic Awards
Rock Town Distillery Arkansas Distillery of the Year
Greenhook Ginsmiths Brooklyn Distillery of the Year
Colorado Gold Distillery Colorado Distillery of the Year
Crystal Spirits Ohio Distillery of the Year
Koval Distillery Illinois Distillery of the Year
Grand Ten Distillery Massachusetts Distillery of the Year
New England Distilling Maine Distillery of the Year
Long Island Spirits North Fork Distillery of the Year
Santa Fe Spirits New Mexico Distillery of the Year
Dark Corner South Carolina Distillery of the Year
Corsair Tennessee Distillery of the Year
Ogden’s Own Utah Distillery of the Year
Caledonia Spirits & Winery Vermont Distillery of the Year
Great Lakes Distillery Wisconsin Distillery of the Year

Individual Spirit Awards
Wild Turkey Honey Flavored Bourbon of the Year
Concannon Irish Whiskey Best New Irish Whiskey of the Year
Canadian Club Canadian Whiskey Distillery of the Year
Tullamore D.E.W 10 Yr Single Malt Best Irish Whiskey of the Year
Larceny Wheated Bourbon of the Year
Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon of the Year
Oude Meester Brandy Brand of the Year
Soul Rum Cachaca of the Year
Dolce Cilento Limoncello Limoncello of the Year
Ron Fortuna Nicaragua Rum of the Year
Mi Casa Tequila Tequila Distillery of the Year
Rhum Clement Rhum Agricole Distillery of the Year
New Amsterdam Vodka Best Vodka Value of the Year
Bacardi Oakheart Rum Spiced Rum of the Year
Tatratea Tea Liqueur Tea Liqueur of the Year
Buchanan Distillery Best Blended Scotch of the Year
International Beverage Holdings Whiskey Importer of the Year
DSWE Rum Importer of the Year
Snow Queen Vodka Kazakistan Vodka of the Year
Nikka Distillery Japanese Whiskey Distillery of the Year
Kavalan Solist Single Malt Cast Strength Whiskey of the Year
Dewars Signature Best Blended Scotch over $100
Aberfeldy 21 Year Best Single Malt Scotch over $100
Landy Cognac VS Best Value Cognac under $20
Cognac Park Cognac Producer of the Year
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits Cognac Importer of the Year
Amarula Liqueur of the Year
Diageo Whiskey Portfolio of the Year
Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch of the Year Less than $50
Lagavulin Distillery Islay Distillery of the Year
Stolen Rum Trinidad Distillery of the Year



AMARULA $19.00



Oude Meester 12 Reserve $50.00

Bepi Tosolini Amaro Tosolini $34.99

Pisco Viejo Tonel $37.50

Rhum Agricole
J.M. Clement White Rum $32.95
J.M. Clement VSOP $59.95

Vodka Unflavored
New Amsterdam Vodka $12.00
Wannborga Vodka Organic $37.00

Vodka Flavored
New Amsterdam Peach Vodka $13.99

Kavalan Solist Ex Bourbon Single Cask Strength $100.00


E&J Brandy VSOP $12.00
Oude Meester Demant $20.00

Soul Premium Cachaca $26.99

Landy Cognac VS $15.99
Cognac Park VS $28.99
Cognac Park XO Extra $200.00

Gibson Gin $20.00
Roundhouse Spirits Gin $28.00
Sipsmith London Dry Gin $33.00
Dark Corner White Tiger Gin $38.00
Wannborga Organic Gin $39.00
New England Distilling INgenium Gim $39.99
Corsair Barrel Aged Gin $45.00

Coco Mambu Rum & Coconut Water Orange Mango
Ogden Distillery Underground Herbal Spirit $19.99
Bailey’s Original Irish Whiskey $21.00
Long Island Spirits Rasberry Sorbetta $22.00
Long Island Spirits Lemon Sorbetta $22.00
Koval Ginger Liqueur $24.00
Tekirdag Rakisi $27.57
Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream $28.00
Dolce Cilento Limoncello $30.00
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur $30.00
Alltech Bluegrass Sundown $32.99
Jaan Paan Liqueur $35.00
Coureur des Bois Maple Whiskey $35.00
Tatratea Peach Tea Liqueur $38.00
Nahmias Et Fils Mahia $45

Pisco Don Alvaro Acholado de Mostos Verdes $45.00

Rhum Agricole
J.M. Gold $34.95

Stolen Rum Dark rum $16.00
Ron Fortuna 8 Year Old Anejo Rum $21.99
Sailor Jerry Rum $21.99
Bacardi 1873 Solera $22.99
Privateer True American Amber Rum $30.00
Rum Dictador 20yr $59.99

Tequila Ekeco Silver $27.00
Centinela Reposado $39.99
Mi Casa Tequila Blanco $39.99
Dulce Vida Organic Tequila Reposado $40.00
Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado $56.99

Vodka Unflavored
Treaty Oak Distilling Company Starlite Vodka $17.99
Buckeye Vodka $19.00
Santa Fe Spirit Expedition Vodka $24.99
Colorado Gold Premium Vodka $25.00
Persian Empire Canada No. 1 Vodka $28.00
Free Spirits Brands Willa $29.99

Vodka Flavored
Oola Distillery Chili Pepper Vodka $22.95
Grand Ten Fire Puncher Vodka $24.99
Badcock Cucumber Vodka $29.95

Judd’s Wackin Ball Corn Whiskey $14.99
George Dickell 8 Year $17.99
Big House Bourbon Tupelo $20.00
Big House Straight Bourbon $20.00
Canadian Club 12yr Club Classic $21.99
Wild Turkey American Honey $22.99
Larceny Bourbon $24.99
Bulliet Bourbon $27.99
Knob Creek Bourbon $30.99
Tullamore D.E.W 10 Yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey $35.00
Ancnoc 12 Year $39.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black $40.00
Talisker 10 Year $40.00
Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon Reserve $40.99
Corsair Hopmonster $45.00
Three Ships 10 Year Single Malt $50.00
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt $69.99
Buchanan Special Reserve $82.99
Masterson’s Rye Whiskey $80
Kavalan King Car Conductor Single Malt Whiskey $85
Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt $90
Aberfeldy 21 Year $145
Dewars Signature $199


E & J Brandy VS $10.99
Oude Meester 18yr $115

Cachaca Samanau Silver $25.00

Cognac Pitaud $41.99
H by Hine VSOP Cognac $49.99
Landy Cognac XO $100.99

New Amsterdam Gin $12.00
Greenhook Ginsmith America Dry Gin $28.99
Persian Empire Canada No. 1 Gin
Rock Town Brandon Gin $29.99
Wigle Ginever $35.00
New Columbia Green Hat Gin $36.00
Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Gin $38.00
Roundhouse Spirits Imperial Barrel Aged Gin $38.00

Coco Mambu Rum & Coconut Watermelon Lime $15.99
Long Island Spirits Strawberry Sorbetta $22.00
Yeni Raki $25.88
Persian Empire Canada No. 1 Pomegranate $26.00
Mozart Black Chocolate $28.99
Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur $29.99
Pinchgut Hollow Noney Peach Moon $38.49

Pisco Las Dumas De Viejo Tonel $26.00

Rhum Agricole
J.M. Clement 6 Year $59.95

Flip Flop Rum Spiced $12.00
Shellback Silver Rum $17.00
Rock Town Distillery Riverboat Rum $19.99
Siesta Key Spiced Rum $19.99
Rum Dictador 12yr $39.99

Cabrito Blanco $19.99
Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila $20.00
Local Choice Pepper Tequila $22.99
Hacienda De Canutillo Blanca $24.99
Julio Cesar Chavez Reposado $27.00
Z Tequila Reposado $29.99
Hacienda de Canutillo Reposado $29.99
Tequila Ekeco Reposado $30.00
El Capo Tequila Platinum $31.99
Mi Casa Tequila Reposado $44.99
Ambhar Tequila Platinum $45.00 —
Dulce Vida Organic Tequila Anejo $45.00
Mi Casa Tequila Anejo $49.99
Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Anejo $98.99

Monopolowa Vodka $15.00
Luksusowa Vodka $15.99
Ogden Own Five Wives Vodka $19.95
Snow Queen Vodka $24.99
Laplandia Vodka $27.00
Beak & Skiff Vodka $33.00
Purity Vodka $39.00

Vodka Flavored
Pepper Lake Pepper Vodka $24.99

Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish $15.00
George Dickell 12 Year $19.99
Redemption Rye $21.99
Dewars White Label $23.99
Concannon Irish Whiskey $25.00
Label 5 Extra Label $25.00
Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey $29.99
Knob Creek Bourbon 30.99
Corsair Rasputin $45.00
Buchanan Master $45.00
White Pike Whiskey $38.00
Koval Lion’s Pride 4th Ward Whiskey
Aberfeldy 12year $49.99
Kavalan Concertmaster Single Malt Whiskey $50.00
Balblair 2001 $64.99
Johnnie Walker Gold $85
Johnnie Walker Blue $220



• All spirits are judged by every brand’s TRUE key trade target – buyers, retail stores, restaurant & bar owners, distributors and importers. Unlike other competitions, these expert TRADE ONLY judges and their opinions have immediate impact and the ability to make a direct influence on sales and a brand’s bottom line. These panelists of trade volunteers are not involved for publicity or for their industry position as critics or members of the press. They are the decision makers, experts who have an authentic understanding of the business of buying and selling spirits.

• Each product category has a sub category for pricing. Therefore, a spirit will be judged in its category along with other spirits in its same price range. Each category will have its own pricing levels and details are listed on the submission form. For example, a $35 bourbon will be placed into a judging category with a $40 bourbon and not a $70 bourbon.

• Brands will be rated on a set of criteria including appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and finish. Upon completion of the tastings, panelists will confer and decide which samples are award worthy.

Award levels are Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Double Gold: Phenomenal Product for Buyers
  • Gold: Buyers “Love” It
  • Silver: Buyers “Like” It
  • Bronze: Buyers will purchase it

The 2nd Annual New York International Beer Competition is scheduled for February 10th 2013. The 3rd Annual New York International Wine Competition will be May 2013 and the 4th Annual New York International Spirits Competition will be October 2013.

Please also visit us at ProWein in March 2013 where we will be showcasing the top winners from the New York International Spirits Competition and New York International Wine Competition

Our sister company All Spirits Events will continue to present and pour the winners from the competition at private and consumer events in the USA and Internationally.

For more information about the competitions please visit: