Why a trade only judging panel?

It is our belief that trade buyers who have daily interaction with the consumer knows what the consumer wants and what will sell thru based upon quality and price.  Otherwise their wrong buying decisions will gather dust on their shelves.

Unfortunately the Press and other non buyers/professional tasters do not receive this type of feedback from the consumer and or their readers.  Our experienced trade buyers will sample a wine and either one of three things may happen.  The first is “I personally like it…but it won’t sell”.  The second is “I personally don’t like it…but it will sell”.  The third is “I like it and it will sell”.

Why are you also using price categories and actual retail price?

When we first started the competition we implemented pricing bands to have the wines judged in the appropriate price range.  The judges feedback was that they wanted to know the actual retail price for a $8.99 wine is judged differently than a $14.99 wine.  That is how real trade buyers buy for their business and that is how they judge in our competition.

Trade buyers like consumers make buying decisions based upon price.  We call this the "Real World"

How do you award medals?

Our trade only judges award medals based upon the following criteria.

Bronze Medal- Our judges will sell it, distribute it and or import it

Silver Medal- Our judges really like it and will sell it, distribute it and or import it.

Gold Medal- Our judges love it and will sell it, distribute it and or import it.

Double Gold- All of the judges on the panel award it a Gold Medal

Do you award any other medals?

After we review all the medal winners we will poll the judges for their opinion on possibly awarding the following awards.  If no one qualifies the medal will not be awarded.

“Winery of the Year”

“Distributor of the Year”

“Importer of the Year”

Does every category get a minimum of Bronze, Silver Gold Medal Winner?

If no wine qualifies for a medal then no medal is awarded in that category.

There are a lot of competitions out there…why should we submit to yours.

This is a very good question.   We believe our wine competition offers several things to a winning winery.

1.   This is a trade only judging panel.  A judging panel that is well respected by their peers in the industry.

2.  You are placing your wine in front of a trade buyer who makes buying decisions!

3.  We work with our media sponsors to distribute the results to the trade and consumer.   All the winners will be listed here on our website.

4.  We do not charge wining wineries the use of our medals and the images in your marketing materials.   7.  You are only charged once when you submit your wines.  There are no additional charges.

How are the results released?

Because we believe in full transparency the judges immediately receive the results of the wines they judge.  We then request that the judges refrain from sharing who the winners are with people outside of the judging group until the formal announcements are made.

How do you pick your judges and are they compensated?

The majority of our judges come from the Melbourne Area.  We believe there are a great group of trade buyers who live and work in this area.  These buyers are sommeliers, retail store buyers, beverage directors in restaurants and hotels, distributors and importers.  We believe each type brings a different perspective to the judging process on what the consumer wants.

Are there any additional fees?

We take great pride in saying NO!  There are no charges for the use of winning medal images.

There are wineries who have expressed strong interest about the use of medal image stickers.  We are in discussion with a sticker company to allow the winners to order the medal images directly from them at no compensation to the MIWC.

Where do I ship the wines?

Liquor Logistics Pty Ltd.

C/O Melbourne Internat Wine Comp

Unit 1, 365 Plummer Street

Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207

Tel +61 386521989

Fax +61 386521989

[email protected]

My wine is not available yet in Australia.  Why should I participate?

This is a great opportunity to present your wine to actual buyers if you plan to enter the Australia Market or an established brand and want to reconnect with some of the top buyers in Australia.  As our reputation grows winning a medal in our competition will help your marketing for your wins on a global scale.

Do you announce all of the wineries who participated or only the winners?

We do not list all of the wineries who participated.  We will announce how many wines were submitted, from how many countries, in how many categories and how many won medals.  This is still a subjective process and we only announce the winning wines.

 What if I want to pay by wire transfer

We do accept wire transfer and there is a $15 banking fee attached to it. Please email us at [email protected] for our banking information.

Do you work with Wine Organizations

We encourage wine organizations and trade offices to contact us directly for any additional support or assistance they need to submit their wines.